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Mladina warns Golob against post-election arrogance


Ljubljana - Mladina editor-in-chief Grega Repovž warns the winner of the general election Robert Golob against repeating the mistake of several newly emerged centre-left leaders before him, who got carried away by their election success and adopted an arrogant attitude towards potential coalition partners.

The editorial points to the 2014 developments under Miro Cerar, who decided to humiliate his predecessor Alenka Bratušek, who had nominated herself for an EU commissioner post that "she truly would have deserved", having served a difficult term and also being a good candidate.

Repovž then turns to the 2018 victory of Marjan Šarec, who had promised he would build a coalition with centre-left and left parties but then first opted for talks with the centre-right New Slovenia (NSi) in place of the Left. He immediately played one of the partners to end up being snubbed by the NSi a few weeks later.

He lost the trust of the Left, which was not longer in a position to officially enter the coalition, but Šarec did not learn from this.

The day the government was inaugurated, he appointed Damir Črnčec, known for racist, xenophobic positions and conspiracy theories, as his advisor, and moreover - drunk with his status and supposed public support - squandered an opportunity for a joining of forces with the Alenka Bratušek Party.

Repovž moreover points to the 2011 general election victory of Ljubljana Mayor Zoran Janković, who started offending potential coalition partners immediately after the election without any real reasons and ended up without a government.

"In French politics, it used to be the custom for a politician to wear ready-made clothes. So that he is always aware that he is just a civil servant. And also so that he never forgets how his predecessor left the office he occupies," Repovž says in the commentary Weeks for Fatal Mistakes.


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