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Primorske looks at what is ahead for Golob


Koper - Despite his solid majority, and no matter what kind of coalition he puts together, election winner Robert Golob will have his work cut out as he tries to navigate the many traps of government, Primorske Novice says in Saturday's commentary.

In the demanding times ahead, the new government will not be able to waste time looking back and criticising Janez Janša. He undermined himself with his behaviour, Golob can than him for that, the paper says in What the Future Will Bring.

The paper says Golob will now have to prove to the people that their investment of a vote was worthwhile. He will have to draw up a clear plan of how Slovenia will live in the new cold war, what it will contribute to the mitigation of the climate crisis, and how it will cope with high prices.

Looking at the coalition prospects, the paper thinks it would be smart if Golob joined forces with the New Slovenia (NSi), which would help overcome polarisation. But it remains uncertain how voters who would have voted for other centre-left parties but tactically opted for Golob would take that.

On the other hand, Golob is ill advised to co-opt the LMŠ and SAB, which have not made it to parliament, even though this may be smart pragmatically. "The return of parties which have been written off could be perceived by some Golob voters as betrayal."

In general, neither the public nor the media should give Golob a pass, enthralled as they may be with the new face.


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