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Festival of roses kicking off in Nova Gorica


Nova Gorica - The 17th Festival of Roses will start on Saturday in Nova Gorica. Running until 22 May, it will offer visitors a number of events related to roses, which have become one of the main symbols of the city and the wider area.

Visitors will be able to stroll through rose parks and the garden of Bourbon roses at Kostanjevica Hill, home to the second largest collection of Bourbon roses in Europe, as well as attend workshops, exhibitions and a number of concerts, or enjoy the town's many delicacies.

The festival is one of the main cultural and educational events organised by the local association for the promotion of roses in collaboration with the municipality of Nova Gorica, the Kostanjevica Franciscan Monastery and the gaming company Hit.

The region of Goriško is famous for its abundant 12,000-specimen rose plantations. The rose is also featured on the of Nova Gorica's coat of arms. The Burbon roses are a very specific variety, their origin tracing back centuries. They are most known for their various shades of pink.

The festival's programme will also include three exhibitions respectively dedicated to photography, painting and ceramics.

Members of the rose association have long been contemplating starting a rosarium. They hope to open it by 2025 when Nova Gorica will take the title of the European Capital of Culture.

A key feature of the festival are the delicacies with roses being their centrepiece. This year, the focus will be on desserts and a special non-alcoholic rose beverage.


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