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Convoy of 20 Ukrainian orphans on its way to Slovenia


Postojna - A convoy of 20 orphans from Ukraine and accompanying staff is on its way to Slovenia, where they will be accommodated in the village of Slavina near Postojna, Sandi Curk, commander of civil protection of the Notranjska region, said on Monday. The journey will be challenging, he admitted, expressing hope that the children will reach Slovenia soon.

Apart from 20 children, aged between one and seven, the convoy includes three doctors, several nurses and teachers and their children, Curk told the STA.

He said the journey would be a challenge "because of traffic jams and obstacles on the Ukrainian territory". Still, Curk believes "in the international law and the openness of territory" and hopes the children will cross the EU border in "foreseeable time".

He could not say when the convoy is to arrive to Slovenia, but noted the public would be informed.

The orphans are from the Luhansk orphanage No. 2 in eastern Ukraine. They are accompanied by 18 members of staff from Ukraine and their children, and are to stay in Slovenia until the end of the war in Ukraine.

Postojna Mayor Igor Marentič said a few days ago that everything was ready for their arrival and that locals were offering their help on a daily basis to make the children feel as comfortable as possible in Slovenia.

The children will be accommodated at the Folk School in Slavina, while the accompanying staff will stay at the Secondary School of Forestry and Woodworking in Postojna.

The children will be medically examined immediately upon arrival, after which their guardians will apply for them to be granted the temporary protection status. They will be able to attend a local kindergarten and school.


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