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Luka Koper shareholders to get lower dividends


Koper - The management of port operator Luka Koper has proposed dividends of EUR 0.71 gross per share for the 6 June AGM, a considerable drop from EUR 1.14 gross from last year. The dividends are set to be paid out on 31 August.

The dividend payout will thus total EUR 9.94 million, whereas the rest of the EUR 29.59 million in accumulated profit is to be carried over and set aside for reserves (EUR 14.63 million) or remain undistributed, the company said in a notice published on Tuesday.

Last year, EUR 15.96 million was paid out in dividends after the AGM backed a counter-proposal of the Slovenian Sovereign Holding for a dividend of EUR 1.14 gross per share, whereas the management and supervisory boards had proposed EUR 1.


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