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Slovenian killed in robbery in Kenya


Ljubljana - A 56-year-old Slovenian citizen was killed in a robbery in the Kenyan capital of Nairobi a week ago, the Slovenian N1 news portal reported on Tuesday, citing Kenyan media. The Slovenian Foreign Ministry confirmed the news of the death, saying they were in contact with the relatives but could not provide any other information.

The robbery and murder occurred as the man and his girlfriend were returning to their accommodation in Mlolongo area from a club in a car with their driver.

The driver pulled over to hand over the car to the Slovenian, Peter Virag, and while they were waiting for the girlfriend to return to the car, two armed men emerged from the darkness and confronted Virag demanding money and his mobile phone.

He reportedly resisted and threw his wallet onto the back seat of the car, which angered one of the gang, who shoot the victim, before robbing him and his girlfriend and running away.


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