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Some EUR 142m in vouchers left two months before expiration date


Ljubljana - Slovenians have so far redeemed 76% of tourist vouchers issued in 2020 and 70% of the 2021 vouchers that can be used in a variety of fields. Both types of vouchers are valid until the end of June, with EUR 86 million yet to be spent in tourist facilities and EUR 56 million in tourism, culture, and sport.

Since tourist vouchers were introduced on 19 June 2020 as a form of government aid to the tourism sector due to the pandemic, over 1.6 million beneficiaries or almost 80% have used their vouchers partly or in full by 2 May, data by the Financial Administration show.

Adults received EUR 200 and children EUR 50 to spend at tourist facilities around the country.

In total, EUR 272.64 million or 76% of the amount available has been redeemed.

The 2021 vouchers have so far been used to pay for accommodation as well as cultural and sports services by 1.5 million or 75% of beneficiaries.

Since they were introduced on 16 July 2021, 1.9 million vouchers worth EUR 130.91 million have been partially or fully cashed in.

Adults received EUR 100 and children EUR 50.

About 47% of the vouchers were used to pay for restaurant bills, 34% for tourist accommodation, 12% for cultural events, and the purchase of books and school textbooks, and 7% for sports.


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