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Pivka, Postojna get EUR 400,000 in compensation for military activity


Ljubljana - The government has approved a programme of co-financing of investments in local public infrastructure in 2022-2023 in the municipalities of Pivka and Postojna as compensation for the damage caused by activities of the Slovenian Armed Forces. They will get a total of EUR 400,000 this year.

Under the programme of the Defence Ministry, approved at Thursday's correspondence session, Pivka will have EUR 200,000 at its disposal this year and EUR 50,000 next year, which will be used for reconstruction of local roads.

Postojna will also get EUR 200,000 this year for repair of parts of four local roads due to the damage caused by military vehicles.

The Defence Ministry has signed special agreements with the two municipalities as the Slovenian Armed Forces use multiple military infrastructure facilities in the area, such as the main training grounds Poček.

The facilities also include other training grounds, a military hospital, military warehouse and barracks.


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