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Bad bank increases stake in publisher Mladinska to over 83%


Ljubljana - The Bank Assets Management Company (BAMC) has increased its stake in Mladinska Knjiga, Slovenia's largest publisher, to 83.47% after acquiring 32.25% of shares in a takeover bid, follows from a notice on the outcome of the bid published in the newspaper Delo on Friday.

BAMC had 51.23% of Mladinska stock before making the bid. It offered EUR 8.90 per share, which values the 32.25% stake now acquired at EUR 3.54 million. The takeover bid expired on 3 May.

The bad bank acquired its majority stake in Mladinska Knjiga through a debt-to-equity conversion in 2016, having taken over the non-performing claims from the banks NLB and Abanka during the 2013 bank bailout.

The publisher's second largest shareholder until the takeover bid was published had been TCK, a successor to Hypo's bad bank Heta now owned by the Serbian businessman Miodrag Kostić, which held 17.8%. A further 3.3% were own shares, according to Erar, the online app tracking financial transactions of public institutions and state-owned companies.

The remaining shareholders held about 28% and almost 20% had been held by small shareholders. The takeover bid has been accepted by 198 shareholders.


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