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Govt Adopts First Six Bills from Second Stimulus Package


The bills deal with construction of facilities, spatial planning, environment protection, water management and agriculture.According to Economic Development and Technology Minister Radovan Žerjav, the six bills are a part of the second stimulus package which includes a total of 16 bills bringing 75 measures to stimulate growth and 10 public calls for applications.

Some of the bills from the second package are already in parliamentary procedure, while some are still being coordinated among the ministries, so the government will discuss them at its next session, Žerjav told the press.

"In line with the schedule, all 16 bills will be discussed at the next session of the National Assembly, as promised," the minister asserted.

The package of measures is worth EUR 377m, of which EUR 148m are subsidies, EUR 50m are guarantees and EUR 179m are intended for public investments.

The government estimates that the measures would also lower administrative burdens on business by EUR 400-500m.

"The package of measures is important, but we are aware that this is not all that the government must do," Žerjav said, adding that the third stimulus package would follow immediately after summer recess.


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