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Unexploded WWII bomb unearthed near Pragersko


Pragersko - An unexploded bomb from the Second World War was found on Saturday morning during excavation work near the Pragersko railway station, some 20 km south of Maribor, as part of a larger project to upgrade the local railway hub. The 200-kilo bomb has been deactivated, the Maribor Police Department said.

The police were notified about the find around 10am, after which a police patrol secured the area.

The duty bomb technician from Murska Sobota who was called to the site estimated that the bomb is one metre long, with diameter of some 25 centimetres and weighing 200 kilos. It was dropped during the Second World War.

The bomb was deactivated on the spot by the competent services and will be taken away from the site. The national railways operator had temporarily suspended traffic between Pragersko and Ptuj, but there was no immediate risk.


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