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Verace and Pop's Pizza among top 50 pizza restaurants in Europe


Ljubljana - Ljubljana's Verace and Pop's Pizza rank among the top 50 pizza places in Europe in the latest 50toppizza guide, with the former making it to the list for the second year running. This year, Verace gained four spots to rank 31st, while Pop's Pizza made it to the list for the first time to rank 43rd.

Combining tradition and innovation, Verace was also picked as the best pizzeria in the country in 2022.

50toppizza, which is considered a kind of Michelin guide for pizzerias, said that under pizza chef Fabio Caruso, the restaurant made the authentic Naples pizza with excellent dough and ingredients.

Verace CEO Barbara Zimic said they were very happy to have received such a review as they had been insisting on the use of top quality Italian ingredients since the opening in 2016.

The intimate, family atmosphere at the restaurant was praised as well, with Ortolano and Crudo pizzas receiving the most compliments and the fried pizza, which is hard to get outside Naples. Tiramisu is the winner among desserts.

As for Pop's Pizza restaurant, located on the Ljubljanica riverfront, the guide said that it was an excellent pizza restaurant, arranged in a comfortable and modern style.

Its Neapolitan-style pizzas were assessed as very tasty with fresh and quality ingredients, while the staff was praised as hospitable and quick. A favourable price-to-quality ratio was also noted.

Italian pizza places compete in a separate category.

The best 25 European pizza places from the top 50 list have also been shortlisted for the selection of the best 100 pizza places in the world.


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