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SD confirms coalition agreement, which is considered initialled


Ljubljana - The presidency of the Social Democrats (SD) got acquainted on Saturday with the content of the coalition agreement and confirmed its initialling with the partners Freedom Movement and the Left. It also confirmed the party's ministerial candidates and the head of the deputy group.

The coalition agreement has thus been coordinated between all future coalition partners and is considered initialled, the Freedom Movement announced.

Before it is signed, the coalition agreement must be approved by all other bodies of the parties of the future coalition.

The SD that the coalition agreement brought a clear break with the manner of work of the current government, consolidation of democracy, the rule of law and human rights, media independence and a strong partner role of civil society.

The document brings a new development momentum by raising added value in the economy, green and digital transition and quality and accessibility of public services, and takes Slovenia back to the core of the EU based on the rule of law.

The party noted the shift from neoliberalism towards improving the development and social role of the state, which is shown in the promise of progressive taxation of property and emphasis on public services, active role of the state in shaping development policy and social agreements between social partners and generations.

At today's correspondence session, the SD presidency also confirmed the candidates for ministers from its ranks, with SD president Tanja Fajon being put forward for the minister of foreign and European affairs.

Matjaž Han is candidate for the minister of economy, tourism and sports, Dominika Švarc Pipan for the minister of justice and Aleksandar Jevšek for the minister of cohesion and regional development, the SD said in a press release.

The candidates signed a statement in accordance with the SD statute to pledge not to leave the party and switch to another party, to comply with the party's programme statute and decisions of the party's congress, conference or presidency.

Fajon said on the occasion that the SD had been successful in the coalition talks: "We managed to incorporate our key programme goals in the coalition agreement, and we have also taken responsibility for four ministries."

The common thread of these ministries is "development, justice, Slovenia in Europe and the world," she said, adding that the SD entered the new government with the motto "Slovenia at the core of the EU, strong economy for social security for all and coherent regional development."

The SD presidency also confirmed the appointment of Jani Prednik as the head of the party's deputy group and Miro Pretnar as the secretary of the deputy group.


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