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Impol net profit more doubles last year


Slovenska Bistrica - Impol, a leading Slovenian aluminium producer, recorded EUR 845 million in revenue in 2021, up 45% from 2020. Apart from sales going up by almost 20%, a reason for this is an increase in aluminium prices. Net profit surged from EUR 14 million to EUR 35.5 million.

The group, which employed 2,500 people in Slovenia, Serbia and Croatia at the end of last year, had 1,446 employees in Slovenska Bistrica, which is 90 more than a year earlier.

Impol generated 93% of all revenue in foreign markets, mostly in the EU. Its most important market, generating two-thirds of revenue, was Germany. Just over 10% was generated by Italy, almost 6% by Croatia, and more than 5% was generated in Slovenia.

Other important markets are Czechia, France, Spain, the US, Austria, the Netherlands, Hungary and Poland.

Although a large increase in the number of coronavirus infections was recorded in the company in the first two months of the year, monthly targets were reached. Now, the biggest challenges is the war in Ukraine, which is expected to affect demand.

Still, a record output was recorded in March, as more than 29,000 tonnes of products were produced in Slovenska Bistrica and another 5,250 tonnes in Serbia's Impol Seval and almost 11,200 tonnes in Croatia's Impol-TLM.


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