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Remaining candidates for minister revealed


Ljubljana - The names of all nominees for ministers in the Robert Golob government have now been revealed. The Left confirmed the party's vice-president Asta Vrečko was slated for the culture portfolio and Simon Maljevac, the party's secretary general, for labour. Irena Šinko is the Freedom Movement's candidate for agriculture ministry.

Vrečko is an art historian and curator and councillor in the Ljubljana City Council. She has been a deputy president of the Left since 2021. Maljevac is an activist and researcher at the Peace Institute, an NGO.

The Left confirmed on Tuesday that they were the party's candidates, but they will not be formally endorsed until the party's members vote on them in an internal referendum that started on Monday and will last a week.

Šinko is currently a senior civil servant at the Murska Sobota Administrative Unit. Between 2010 and 2018 she served two terms as the director of the national Farmland and Forest Fund.


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