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Cabinet Visiting Maribor and Nearby Towns


While the main part of the visit is scheduled for Wednesday, PM Janez Janša, accompanied by Economic Development and Technology Minister Radovan Žerjav, will already visit today Lumar, one of Slovenia's leading manufacturers of prefabricated houses.

On Wednesday, Janša and cabinet members will be meeting representatives of companies, municipalities, administrative units, judicial, educational and other institutions in the region.

A press conference will be held in Lenart in the afternoon, featuring Janša, Žerjav, and Infrastructure and Spatial Planning Minister Zvonko Černač, who will be speaking about the challenges and opportunities in the region.

The visit will be wrapped up with football match between the members of the cabinet and representatives of the Maribor municipality.

One year and a half after the last government visit, the unemployment rate in Maribor exceeds 18%, while the data for the entire region, which has a population of around 237,000, shows some recovery.


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