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Slovenia receives several "reasoned opinions" from Brussels

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Brussels - Several EU member states, including Slovenia, received on Thursday a number of warnings in which the European Commissions urges them to implement EU legislation regarding the energy efficiency of buildings, storage of radioactive waste, animal protection, open data, and copyright.

Slovenia, Hungary, Ireland and Lithuania are urged to transpose the directive on energy efficiency of buildings, the deadline for which expired in March 2020.

The four countries received the first warning - a formal notice - two moths after the deadline, following it up with a reasoned opinion, or the second warning, now.

Brussels claims that the directive has not yet been adequately implemented.

Slovenia, Croatia, Estonia, Italy and Portugal are meanwhile urged to adopt a national programme on radwaste management in line with EU rules.

The Commissions says the existing programmes do not fully correspond to the directives on a framework for the management of spent fuel and radioactive waste.

Slovenia and Romania are moreover urged to notify the Commission about the manner in which they have transposed the directive on open data and re-use of public sector information.

The deadline for transposing the 2019 directive expired in mid July 2021, with the formal notice sent from Brussels last September.

Ten countries, including Slovenia, have meanwhile received a reasoned opinion for failing to notify the Commission about transposing properly the directive on copyright and related rights applicable to online transmissions by broadcasters.

Thirteen countries, among them Slovenia, have also failed to adequately notify the Commission about the transposition of the directive on copyright and related rights in the digital single market.

The latter two directives, both from 2019, aim to modernise the copyright system to make it more suitable to the digital era. The first warning was sent in July 2021.

Only Slovenia has received a reasoned opinion for failing to fully comply with the requirements of the 2009 directive on the conservation of wild birds.

Slovenia received the first warning in June 2021, and the second one refers specifically to its failure to set up a protection zone for the European shag, a species of cormorant.

In all these cases the countries have two months to comply with the EU rules, or else the Commission can take them to court.


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