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Delo reflects on Golob's pragmatism, presidential election


Ljubljana - The newspaper Delo writes about the pragmatism of the outgoing and incoming governments in Monday's front-page commentary, noting that voters' potential disappointment with the Robert Golob government could affect the outcome of the presidential election later this year, where it says the right stands no real chance.

The paper finds the various manoeuvres applied by the outgoing government and the Democrats (SDS) during the period interregnum are aimed at keeping the old government in office for as long as possible and making things as hard as possible for the new government.

"The other side is pragmatic as well [...] Once the Robert Golob coalition endorse the new government act with their convincing majority, they will refashion the government to their plans; through a new job classification they will be able to get rid of Janša's staff across the ministries.

"This restructuring will mean reduced efficiency of the new team, who will be preoccupied with themselves while the challenges [...] are many," the paper writes, adding that Golob will also face excessive expectations of his voters and their disappointment could affect the presidential election.

The paper quotes results from a poll it has commissioned from Mediana to test support for individuals who are considering running for president; emerging as the favourites are the high-profile lawyer Nataša Pirc Musar and Marta Kos, a diplomat and vice-president of Golob's Freedom Movement.

"None of them has decided definitely yet whether they will in fact run, and it is also not clear yet whom the right will offer to the left-leaning electorate. Given the result of the general election after two years of the Janša government, their candidate does not have a realistic chance of moving to the Presidential Palace."


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