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SD Officially Puts Forward Pahor as Presidential Candidate


Pahor, who was endorsed by the highest body of the SD in a 26:1 vote, told the press that "the problem is not the differences among us but the divisions".

"Being divided is undermining us, while unity inspires us... Divisions mean that ideological and other prejudice becomes so strong as to cloud judgment and let things be run by emotions as opposed to reflected decisions."

Reiterating the importance of unity in these difficult times, Pahor said that securing it would be his political mission.

Pahor's successor as SD president Igor Lukšič said the party had established that Slovenia should have the great opportunity to "stand behind a candidate who has proven in his career to be a candidate who unites" people.

Pahor, who will be one of at least three strong candidates in the election, has also been seeking support in other parties.

The head of the coalition Citizens' List (DL) Gregor Virant is not averse to the idea, but needs to leave the decision to his party. The Pensioners' Party (DeSUS) has also not made up its mind yet.

Incumbent President Danilo Türk will stand with the signatures of citizens, but has also received the endorsement of the biggest opposition party Positive Slovenia (PS) and the non-parliamentary LibDems and Zares.

The coalition Democrats (SDS) and New Slovenia (NSi) have put forward SDS member and MEP Milan Zver, who has also been stressing the need for unity.

Candidacies have moreover been announced by non-parliamentary National Party (SNS) president Zmago Jelinčič and independent candidate Marko Kožar.


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