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Paper concerned about urban safety and security


Koper - The regional newspaper Primorske Novice writes about understaffed urban police in Friday's commentary, looking at the implications this has on the safety of businesses, locals and visitors there.

The commentary was prompted by Thursday's debate in Koper about the safety in city centres ahead of the peak tourism season, which the paper says told the truth that had long been anticipated.

"The truth is that politicians have cut back police staff so much in the past 20 years that municipalities need to hire private security companies to keep busy places safe."

The paper quotes a police official who says it will not take minutes but hours for an officer to arrive at the scene if someone crashed your car in a parking lot in Piran.

While acknowledging that break-ins at bars, shops and other establishments that make historical centres lively and picturesque represent only 10% of all thefts through burglary, the paper says security in the main city streets should be kept 24 hours a day year round.

It says municipalities should put pressure on the state to boost police numbers, transform city wardenships into a round-the-clock service and light up backstreets and squares.

"When even police representatives suggest municipalities hiring private security companies to keep public places safe, we are but a step away from a point when such safety will soon hit our pockets hard. Those who can pay will be safe, those who cannot, will not be," concludes the paper.


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