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Executives in healthcare call for system upgrade, streamlining

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Laško - An association of business executives and managers in healthcare have agreed on a list of proposals for upgrading the healthcare system, calling for optimisation and streamlining of procedures and reduction of paperwork.

Treatment of patients has changed significantly due to the Covid-19 epidemic, so there is the need to ensure sufficient staff and improve access to healthcare services in order to reduce waiting times, the association said after a meeting in Laško.

At Friday's meeting, the participants adopted several proposals, including that the public healthcare system needs to be preserved by means of urgent upgrades and that it needs to be as adapted to the current market conditions as possible.

According to the association, the managements of public healthcare institutions need to be provided with tools and conditions for effective management. It noted that management of public institutions is currently subject to a law from 1991.

It also said that public healthcare institutions must start optimising and streamlining processes, and that institutions needed to be better connected, especially between the primary and secondary levels of healthcare.

The association called for continued drafting of a strategy for long-term staffing by eliminating wage disparities as part of the public sector wage system law and establishing new wage models based on true costs of medical treatment.

It also advocates cutting red tape, a unified information system at the national level and connecting stakeholders in the system of management and supply of medications with the aim of reducing the issue of shortage of medications.


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