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Musicologist Primož Kuret dies


Ljubljana - Musicologist Primož Kuret, a professor emeritus at the Academy of Music, has died aged 86, says a posting on the academy's website. He was one of the most prominent Slovenian intellectuals whose research and expertise have significantly contributed to the reputation of the Slovenian Music Academy at home and abroad.

Kuret (1935-2022) founded more than 35 years ago the Slovenian Music Days festival together with composer Milan Stibilj.

He led a number of research projects and wrote numerous monographs, with his body of work numbering more than 1,000 units.

His research focussing on Ljubljana's cultural history, he was an authority on the Slovenian Philharmonic and its predecessors, including Academia Philharmonicorum.

When he turned 80, publisher Mohorjeva Družba from the city of Celje released a book dedicated to him, European Musicologist Prof. Dr. Primož Kuret.

At the time he said for him his job was a mission, and was very happy to teach history of music while making efforts to present Slovenian music abroad.

Kuret, born in Ljubljana, graduated in history of music and in art history, while he later started teaching history of music at the Music Academy in Ljubljana.

He headed the academy's music education department several terms, and also translated extensively.

Kuret received a number of awards, including the Herder Prize in Vienna, Austria, and the Austrian Cross of Sciences and Arts, while becoming the first Slovenian honorary member of the Accademia Filarmonica in Bologna, Italy.

Among the many accolades he received in Slovenia, he was honoured in 2012 with the Order of Merit for his contribution to musicology by the then president, and became an honorary member of the Slovenian Philharmonic in 2008.

Kuret was a son of Niko Kuret, a well known Slovenian ethnologist.


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