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FDI Increase in Slovenia, Drop in Investments Abroad


Global FDI inflows increased by 16% to US$ 1.5tn last year, exceeding the average level from before the crisis, but are still around 20% below the record level from 2007, Andreja Jaklič of the Ljubljana Social Sciences Faculty told the press.

UNCTAD expects a small increase in global FDI inflow to US$ 1.6tn this year and further rises to US$ 1.8tn and US$ 1.9tn in 2013 and 2014, respectively.

Slovenia saw an FDI inflow of US$ 999m last year, which compares to US$ 834m the year before, and an outflow of US$ 112m, down from US$ 151m in 2010.

The UNCTAD figures exceed those of central bank Banka Slovenije, which reported inward FDI worth EUR 790m and outward FDI worth EUR 40m.

Jaklič stressed that the international activities of Slovenian companies went beyond FDI to include classic export and other forms of inclusion into international markets.

The biggest increases in FDI inflow were seen last year in developing economies, especially in Latin America and Asia, while growth was also recorded in developed countries. Africa is the only continent where investments were down last year.

The report moreover notes the continuing expansion of multinational companies and global chains. Multinationals employed 69 million people last year, generated US$ 28bn in revenue, US$ 7bn in added value and managed funds to the tune of US$ 82bn.

Global investment policies remain relatively favourable to foreign investors and there are increasingly many international investment agreements - with an increase in the share of regional agreements and fewer bilateral agreements. Also strongly on the rise are investment disputes, the reports shows.


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