The Slovenia Times

"EU Sources: Slovenia is Nowhere Near Requiring Aid"


"Examining the situation, there has been some sloppy communication around that," the sources explained.

"Slovenia is nowhere near the necessity for applying for a programme. Communication has been unclear and this has led some to believe that this may be in the offing."

Sources at the EU said that everything started "with a threat made to the opposition that went beyond the border" and that a bailout was "never a real possibility".

Bloomberg Financial wire and the London Financial Times have recently suggested Slovenia might have to ask the EU for money to shore up its banking system, but the government has firmly denied Slovenia needing assistance from the EU.

Both Prime Minister Janez Janša and Finance Minister Janez Šušteršič downplayed the speculations, emphasising Slovenia would not become the next eurozone member having to ask for aid.

With the austerity law, Slovenia "temporarily averted the danger of having to ask for international financial assistance from the IMF or European bailout mechanisms," Janša said earlier this week.

The ministry issued a statement saying there was no need for a bailout "either due to bank capital adequacy or due to fiscal reasons".


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