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SDS proposes mandatory drug testing for office holders


Ljubljana - The opposition Democrats (SDS) have tabled a bill that would require MPs, ministers, state secretaries as well as the prime minister and the president of the republic to undergo mandatory annual drug testing.

"It is in the public interest to know whether Slovenian politicians take prohibited drugs," the party says in the introduction to the bill.

The party says the bill should be passed to improve transparency and because of the responsibility the office holders have to the public.

Those who would be required to test "are expected to perform their duties dutifully and impartially," it said.

Under the bill each of the designated office holders would be tested once a year based on a random draw that would require them to take a test within 48 hours.

If they refused to, the test would automatically count as positive.

The testing would be done in the presence of a four-member commission that would feature two representatives of journalists' organisations.

The results of the tests would be made public.


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