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New Pensioners' Party in the Making


Škoberne told the STA that the Slovenian Pensioners' Party would offer an alternative to DeSUS, because this coalition party did not do enough for pensioners.

Apart from Škoberne, who stood in the recent general election for non-parliamentary Movement for Slovenia, no other proponents of the party have been made known yet.

Škoberne also refused to reveal any names, saying however that they were all well-known business executives from the Celje area.

The daily Dnevnik however reports today that Jernej Osole, a member of the opposition Positive Slovenia (PS), was also in the group. Osole however refused to comment.

The group presented today the idea for the party to a local branch of Slovenia's pensioners' association ZDUS in Maribor. Maribor ZDUS head Franc Lobnik said the idea was to set up a neutral and ideologically unaffiliated party dedicated to advocating the interests of pensioners, which was what DeSUS used to say about itself.


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