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Coalition to Discuss Possible Changes to Omnibus Act


DeSUS joined in its warnings against unequal pension cuts the two opposition parties, which drafted changes to the omnibus act in an attempt to abolish some of the austerity measures.

DeSUS president Karl Erjavec is the most concerned about cuts in pensions of those who worked for companies that had their headquarters outside Slovenia.

The party also believes there some mistakes were made in the act also regarding the victims of war. Like the opposition, DeSUS also believes that those who fought in the National Liberation Army in the WWII should be exempt from the cuts.

Finance Minister Janez Šušteršič has admitted that some parts of the act would have to be corrected. "Probably not all that was achieved was what we wanted to achieve with this act."

Meanwhile, Labour, Family and Social Affairs Minister Andrej Vizjak pointed out that the issue of exempting one group of people from the measures questions the entire concept of the act on the balancing of public finances.


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