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Presentation of contrary facts about the news item "Media reveal deals with Covid ventilators included kickbacks"


Ljubljana - In accordance with Article 27 of the Media Act, the STA hereby publishes a presentation of contrary facts concerning the 10 June news item "Media reveal deals with Covid ventilators included kickbacks" as requested via their legal counsel by MD-DX and Marko Bitenc.

"Correction and presentation of contrary facts to the article with the title "Media reveal deals with Covid ventilators included kickbacks", published on 10 June 2022:

In connection with the supply of ventilators to the state, MD-DX d.o.o. did not enter into any arrangements for the payment of kickbacks, and nor did the company pay any kickbacks. Therefore, the police investigation could not detect such documents.

MD-DX d.o.o. acted transparently, legitimately, diligently and professionally during the business on the sale of the ventilators and delivered the ordered goods in accordance with the agreement. All of the delivered ventilators were suitable for patients infected with the virus SARS-CoV-2 and sick with the COVID-19 disease. The latter has also been confirmed by the decision and conclusion of the Agency for Medicinal Products and Medical Devices of the Republic of Slovenia. The agency did not detect any irregularities in the supervisory proceedings. Moreover, the agreed price on the ventilators was reasonable and not in any way excessive as alluded by the author of the article.

MD-DX, medicinska tehnologija, d.o.o. (formerly genEplanet d.o.o.) and Marko Bitenc"


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