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PM Calls Meeting of Party Leaders Ahead of Fiscal Rule Vote


So far, the fiscal rule lacks the necessary two-thirds support in parliament, but Janša has not excluded tying the constitutional change to a vote of confidence.

Speaking on Tuesday, Janša said the vote of confidence could be linked to any decision in parliament, including the fiscal rule. "This possibility exists," he said.

In order to pass the confidence vote, the government will have to receive a two-thirds support from the deputies.

"It is not about the fate of this coalition it is simply about the fate of Slovenia. If the people who have pledged publicly many times to support the golden fiscal rule, fail to hold their word and those who understand the situation fail to put the interest of the country before their own interests and the interests of their party then there is no saving this coalition," Janša said yesterday.

But Janša's statement did not sway Positive Slovenia (PS), the largest opposition party, who meanwhile made it clear that they would not change their mind with regards to the fiscal rule.

The meeting of parliamentary party leaders is scheduled for 6 PM on Thursday, according to the PM's office.


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