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Wages in private sector down in April


Ljubljana - Slovenians earned an average net salary of EUR 1,304.32 in April, up by 0.2% in nominal terms and 2.7% in real terms compared to March, shows fresh data from the Statistics Office.

Average gross earnings for April totalled EUR 2,001.93, down by 0.3% in nominal terms and down by 2.8% in real terms compared to March, with a rise of 1.2% in the public sector and 3.3% in the state administration, while the private sector experienced a fall by 1.1%.

The biggest rise in the average gross pay compared to March was in education (4.1%), while the finance and insurance sector saw the biggest fall (13%), mainly due to lower exceptional payments. Nevertheless, these sectors saw the highest gross average pay with EUR 3,087.86.

Year-on-year, the average gross pay for April grew by 0.4% in nominal terms, while the average net salary was up by 2%.


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