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President decorates five musicians


Ljubljana - President Borut Pahor awarded five Slovenian musicians with honours at a ceremony held in the Presidential Palace on Thursday. The Order of Merit was awarded to Miha Dovžan, Vlado Kreslin, Vladimir Lado Leskovar, Oto Pestner and Andrej Šifrer, the president's office said.

Zither player Dovžan was honoured for his lifetime achievement and outstanding contribution to Slovenian zither art. He has left an indelible mark on Slovenian zither music by writing more than 250 original compositions and carrying on the tradition of Slovenian folk and polka music songs, the justification reads.

Singer-songwriter Kreslin was honoured for his outstanding contribution to Slovenian music. He is a man of many talents and many expressions, and many of his songs have become household names, Pahor's office said. When the lyrics of his hits are displayed in a book format, it is a collection of poetry.

Pop singer Leskovar received the Order of Merit for his life's work and outstanding contribution to Slovenian popular music. He is the epitome of what is known as the golden age of Slovenian pop song, reads the press release. He recorded more than 300 songs and chansons.

Another singer, Pestner, was honoured for the outstanding mark he has made on Slovenian popular music. To date, he has written more than 500 songs and arrangements and released more than 40 solo albums. He feels equally at home performing pop songs, chansons, folk or polka music tunes, and has become an international sensation with the New Swing Quartet.

The president also honoured singer-songwriter Šifrer for his outstanding contribution to Slovenian popular music. So far, the musician has recorded almost 200 original compositions and released more than 20 albums. His songs take the audience through a spectrum of feelings and emotions, the justifications says.


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