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Demokracija says ruling politicians a Trojan Horse in EU, NATO


Ljubljana - Demokracija says in its latest editorial that Slovenia is currently ruled by politicians whose "godfathers" signed more than 30 years ago a document that supported a single-party, totalitarian and communist system, and that they "increasingly evidently represent a Trojan Horse within the EU and NATO".

"Today, 31 years after the creation of the independent and sovereign Slovenian state, we have politicians in power whose godfathers signed the 1989 Basic Charter of Slovenia," the weekly notes under the headline Statehood Day and Two Different Paradigms.

It argues that this was a "document, platform signed by representatives and supporters of a single-party, totalitarian and communist system, which at the time was gradually going to the scrapyard of history."

Historically speaking, the 1989 May Declaration that demanded a sovereign state for the Slovenian nation has won, as Slovenia gained independence, but the "levers of true power have remained largely intact with the help of the parallel mechanism of deep state."

According to Demokracija, this was shown by the latest general election, which "brought victory for the Freedom Movement, which was founded at the beginning of the year, with the help of the mainstream left-wing media."

And just like political representatives of the communist nomenklatura were still intimately attached to Yugoslavia over three decades ago, their political successors are today intimately attached to Moscow, the weekly adds.

"This is why, when in Brussels, they officially swear allegiance to the EU and NATO and express support for the invaded Ukraine, while at home their political godfathers, under the guise of peacemaking, increasingly openly support Putin's aggressor Russian Federation."

"So, they increasingly evidently represent a Trojan Horse within the EU and NATO," concludes the commentary.


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