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Digital minister discusses immersive tech at EU event


Toulouse - Slovenia's Minister for Digital Transformation Emilija Stojmenova Duh attended the annual EU Digital Assembly in Toulouse, France in the middle of this week. Taking part in a panel on immersive technologies in Europe, the minister said such technologies had an immense potential and their use would only increase in the future.

Because of a growing use in AI, immersive technologies will bring into the existing digital ecosystem more connectivity between systems and infrastructure and increase the interaction between humans and the virtual world, Stojmenova Duh said.

The Government Office for Digital Transformation quoted Stojmenova Duh as saying that immersive technologies enabled a more friendly access to the virtual world and allowed a more integrated and intuitive access to the virtual and real environments.

She believes the technologies have an immense potential to improve user experience by intertwining the physical and the virtual worlds.

The minister also believes that immersive technologies will affect competitiveness and employment opportunities, which may lead to bigger economic inequality, therefore, special attention must be paid to basic digital literacy.


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