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Clashing responses to US overturning Roe v Wade in Slovenia

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Ljubljana - Responding to the US Supreme Court's decision to overturn the landmark Roe v Wade ruling that guaranteed the constitutional right to abortion, two Slovenian organisations displayed opposite views. The feminist NGO 8 March Institute condemned the decision, whereas the March for Life civil initiative, an anti-abortion organisation, welcomed it.

"Restricting access to abortion puts at risk the health of many women who will be forced to have abortions through illegal procedures, in unsuitable conditions and involving quack doctors. By restricting the right to abortion, the lives of many will be put at risk," 8 March Institute said in a press release.

They believe that the decision to end the right to abortion means that in practice abortion in the US will be available mainly in Democratic states, while in Republican states only people with enough money for travel and medical procedures will be able to afford it.

The freedom to decide on the birth of children will become a privilege linked to the socio-economic status, they noted.

"The ban on abortion will not only result in numerous deaths and personal struggles. The ban is another step in feeding private healthcare, promoting class differences and creating a division between those who have and can afford everything and those who have nothing," said the NGO's head, Nika Kovač.

Meanwhile, March for Life believes that any legislation that does not protect life is unjust, and that the unborn child is also a human being, only we cannot see it with the naked eye.

They see the US Supreme Court's decision as bringing the law into line with modern science. The initiative advocates that pregnant women and their partners who are in distress need help and not to be forced to choose the death of their unborn child.

According to data cited by the organisation's head, Urša Cankar Soares, 700,000 abortions have been performed in Slovenia in the past 70 years, which, she said, have led to hundreds of thousands of miserable mothers and fathers. She believes that many of them have agreed to abortions under coercion or threats.


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