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Parliament discussed opposition bills, communicable diseases act


Ljubljana - The National Assembly will start a week-long session on Monday dominated by several dozen bills the opposition tabled on the opening day of parliament. Government amendments to the communicable diseases act and the first parliamentary inquiry are on the agenda as well.

While the coalition is expected to vote down all opposition bills, the long-awaited amendments to the communicable diseases act will be passed given that this was one of the pledges of the coalition parties during the election campaign.

Penned by NGOs and slightly tweaked by MPs, the amendments provide stricter checks on the government during a pandemic by introducing parliamentary oversight over restrictions that encroach on fundamental human rights and liberties.

The underlying aim of the bill is to implement a major Constitutional Court decision concerning the constitutionality of the act.

The coalition will also launch the first inquiry commission of this parliament, looking into allegations of unlawful financing of media during the previous government's term.

The focus will be on a sprawling media ecosystem build by the Democrats (SDS) and the question whether financing of their media also constituted unlawful financing of the party itself.

Voting is not scheduled until Wednesday.


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