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Slovenia warns NATO not to ignore Western Balkans


Madrid - Prime Minister Robert Golob has warned NATO not to overlook the Western Balkans as it strengthens its presence on its eastern flank as part of a new deterrence and defence posture.

It is just as important "not to overlook our soft underbelly, the Balkans," he said, noting that this is a region where Slovenia is present and for which it is trained.

In the framework deterrence and defence, Slovenia is thus willing to "act primarily where it can contribute the most", he told the press after the NATO summit in Madrid.

"I believe that one Slovenian soldier in the Western Balkans contributes significantly more than this same soldier in a region that he does not know so well," he said.

The action plan for stronger deterrence and defence, which will include an assessment of which country can contribute the most in a certain area, is still being drafted, he said.


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