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OLYMPICS: Kozmus Counting on Magic in Defence of Gold


A less than convincing start to the season has prompted doubts about whether Kozmus can repeat the success from Beijing. Even the man himself admits that he is going to London in different shape than four years ago.

"I was really good then. I was in top shape," he told the STA ahead of the London Games, admitting that going for gold "should not be a realistic goal" for the upcoming games given his recent form.

With a season best of 77.35 metres, the 32-year-old is barely in the top 30 for this season and well below the form that saw him throw 82.02 metres for the gold four years ago.

But he believes experience and motivation as well as a late peak in form could work for him.

"I'm counting on the experience and that my form will pick up at the right time...I'm extremely motivated, especially as the defending Olympic champion," he said.

Kozmus's preparations looked in a lot of trouble in early June when he fired his coach Marjan Ogorevc, but he maintains that his routine in recent weeks - he will be training in Nymburk in the Czech Republic until 28 July - is starting to deliver results.

Saying that he is currently working on strength, Kozmus believes that the pieces are slowly falling into place ahead of London, where much would depend on the daily form of his competitors.

Convinced that this year's results will have little importance in deciding the podium in London, Kozmus points to old rivals Krisztian Pars of Hungary and Kodji Muroshufi of Japan as the medal favourites.


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