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Slovenia's landed catch in 2021 drops by some 30% y/y


Ljubljana - Slovenian fishermen caught a total of over 106 tonnes of fish in 2021, a 31.5% drop on 2020. The total value of landed fishery products stood at EUR 889,000, VAT excluded, which is 27% less than in 2020, shows data from the Statistics Office.

Fish product prices gained 2% on average year-on-year, with fresh turbot, the European common squid, the shi drum, the tiger prawn, and the common dentex reaching the highest average prices with at least EUR 19 per kilogram.

Some 77% or 82 tonnes of last year's landed catch were fresh fish, followed by molluscs (18% or 19 tonnes), and fresh crustaceans (5% or 5 tonnes). The share of crustaceans and molluscs dropped compared to 2020 when 37 tonnes of molluscs and 12 tonnes of crustaceans were caught, and the share of fish caught dropped by 23 tonnes.


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