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Thousands of companies benefiting from SPIRIT programmes


Ljubljana - The investment agency Spirit has announced that over 12,000 companies had been launched through its SPOT support programme for entrepreneurs since 2018, while more than 1,400 startups were incubated by its SIO programme between 2019 and 2021.

The SPOT programme gives free access to a comprehensive system of support services provided by the state to companies, with a number of centres located throughout the country.

Its 62 advisers provided nearly 62,000 advisory meetings with potential and existing entrepreneurs since 2018. They helped establish 12,000 companies, hosted 450 training events, over 1,500 work shops and other events that attracted over 52,000 participants.

Meanwhile, the SIO programme brings together university incubators, technological parks and other similar organisations, focusing on creation and growth of innovative companies, especially companies dedicated to boosting competitiveness, value added and regional development of entrepreneurialism.

The SIO programme currently features 21 organisations, providing access to over 120 highly-qualified mentors and 200 advisers.

Between 2019 and 2021 SIO incubated 1,420 startups, organised over 1,700 workshops, lectures and other events, drawing nearly 42,000 people.


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