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Large part of Slovenia faces severe drought

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Ljubljana - Similar to many parts of Europe, Slovenia is facing a drought which has become severe in the regions of Goriška, Gorenjska, Dolenjska and the greater Ljubljana area, according to the Environment Agency. Wildfire risks are still high and many water supply companies have issued water use restrictions.

Many communities in the regions where the drought is most severe have been prohibited from using drinking water for watering of plants, washing cars and filling their pools.

The most recent water use restriction was imposed on the cost on Tuesday, with local mayors warning in a joint statement that the possibility of further water use restrictions is high.

While residents are prohibited from washing their cars, filling pools and watering plants from the public water system, the local utilities shut off watering systems in public parks, public beach showers, water fountains and even drinking fountains.

While the eastern-most part of the country does not face low water levels for now, the Environment Agency has said that moderate drought has also taken a toll on underground aquifers around Kranjska Gora, Bovec, the coast, the regions of Notranjska, Savinjska, Spodnjesavska and Podravska.


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