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Ljubljana's health centre, hospital flooded in storm

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Ljubljana - The storm that hit Ljubljana on Tuesday evening flooded two community health centres and part of the University Medical Centre (UKC), the Administration for Civil Protection and Disaster Relief has reported. Traffic was also disrupted with one lane on a section of the Ljubljana north ring road still closed.

The storm with heavy rain and wind started in Ljubljana around 9pm. The highest wind speed recorded was 86 km/h, while in a half hour period over 36 mm of rain was measured.

The call centre received 603 calls, mostly to report flooding. A school gym, hotel, high school, student dorm, part of the University Medical Centre and two community health centres in the Šiška and Vič boroughs were flooded.

Trees toppled onto cars and roads. Two cars were trapped in flooded underpasses.

Firefighters from 19 voluntary units and one professional unit intervened 87 times.


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