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Friday protesters against reappointment of state attorney general


Ljubljana - Friday protesters expressed indignation over the Justice Ministry's nomination of Jurij Groznik for re-appointment as state attorney general. They believe him to be responsible for several lawsuits with which the previous government wanted to impose high fines on protesters.

Jaša Jenull, one of the protestor figureheads, was accused of organising an unregistered protest and had received a fine of EUR 34,000, with which the government wanted to collect the cost of police security at the event, the press release said.

"Strategic lawsuit against public participation (SLAPP) designed to exert pressure are a base example of abuse of power with which the state attorney's office, under the lead of [former Prime Minister] Janez Janša and Jurij Groznik, brought international shame upon itself."

The lawsuits were withdrawn after the new government took over at the start of June.

Groznik said yesterday that his office had explained to its client - the state - before the lawsuits were filed that these were a novelty and that the court's decision could not be foreseen.

He said his office was bound by law to file the lawsuits. Meanwhile, the Justice Ministry is drafting legislative changes to provide autonomy to the State Attorney's Office.


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