The Slovenia Times

State increases three bond issues by EUR 405m


Ljubljana - Slovenia's treasury has increased the issuance of three bonds with a total value of just under EUR 405.5 million, according to a posting on the website of the Ljubljana Stock Exchange.

This is the first long-term borrowing under the new government of Robert Golob, which puts Slovenia's total long-term borrowing this year at EUR 3.27 billion. Part of the funds have been used to refinance the debt, that is for an early purchase of dollar-denominated bonds.

The Finance Ministry did not inform the public about the additional issue, with the newspaper Delo saying that the borrowing was apparently carried out by accepting individual bids from investors, rather than through a public auction.

Since the yields on bonds of eurozone countries have risen due to inflation and the announcement of tighter monetary policy, Slovenia will receive much less than it will have to pay back; Delo's calculations show that it will get only around EUR 379 million.


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