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Delo hopes healthcare bill brings desired results

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Ljubljana - By adopting an emergency healthcare bill, the government has shown that healthcare is indeed its priority, the newspaper Delo says in Saturday's front-page commentary, headlined Govt Proving Healthcare Is Priority. However, it remains to be seen whether the new legislation really brings the desired results.

While changes in healthcare have started on paper, the hardest bit - their implementation - is yet to come, Delo says.

With the bill the government has given people the hope that they will get certain medical service or a GP much quicker.

However, the road to the goals set in the bill leads through some invisible bends that will be successfully taken only in collaboration with and with unity of the many stakeholders.

It shouldn't take too long to see whether the bill has brought the desired results - if waiting times don't get shorter and primary level is not sorted out, other measures will be needed.

The Health Ministry says it is ready for them; in fact, the new bill should provide it with the necessary information about the situation to prepare a long-term systemic legal basis for urgent changes.

Delo says it will be easier to make a final assessment of the law once all the by-laws have been adopted. It says that healthcare has lacked concrete progress for so long that people have stopped believing it will ever get better. "Now they have been given big promises, which could quickly become disastrous if they turn out to be unrealistic."


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