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Business Chamber Sees Labour Reform Proposal as Too Mild


The OZS is proposing a uniform 30-day redundancy notice period, the possibility to lay off workers without providing a reason and without redundancy pay.

In line with a proposal presented in June by Labour, Family and Social Affairs Minister Andrej Vizjak, the reform would introduce a standard open-ended employment contract that would involve three periods with varying degrees of job security.

While the chamber is ready to accept the scrapping of fixed-term contracts to secure more equal rights for all players on the job market, it feels that the standard contract proposed does not meet expectations regarding administrative and cost burdens carried by employers.

The OZS stressed that the redundancy notice period is being extended in two phases. It also finds as unacceptable the significant reduction in the list of reasons that enable temporary employment.

The chamber would moreover like to further reduce the burden on employers when it comes to redundancy payments and sick leave. Workers should start paying for up to three days of sick leave, while the health purse should take over from employers not after 30 but 20 days.

The OZS welcomed the idea of the ministry that the 30-minute lunch break no longer be paid and that this field be subjected to collective bargaining agreements.


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