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Primorske urging govt to sort things out at RTV


Koper - The regional newspaper Primorske Novice says in Tuesday's commentary that only politics can drive politics out of the media, as it urges the Robert Golob government to do this at RTV Slovenija and then to resist the temptation to exert political pressure itself.

Politicians are not to be taken at their word about anything, instead they should be judged by their actions and not by their words.

"Thirty years of democracy have taught us that it is too tempting to control the national RTV broadcaster for politics to just give this up."

What the previous government did to RTV Slovenija's news programme is a brutal attempt at political subjugation, and the new government should be given a chance to prove that it knows better.

"Only politics can drive politics out of the media, and in civilised environments this - let's call it liberator - politics then limits itself."

"The government should deliver what it set out to do at RTV. It should do a kind of reset, restore the system to factory settings, adopt a normative framework and restrict the influence of politics on the work of journalists and management, and then leave the broadcaster in a hurry."

"They came to power announcing they would do things differently. Now is the time to prove this," says the commentary titled Sort RTV Out and Bid It Goodbye.


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