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OLYMPICS: Čop and Špik Have One Last Go


"The expectations are high as it's always been the case when me and Iztok competed together. We've usually managed to fulfil them, I hope it will be the same in London," the 33-year-old Špik said when the national Olympic team was presented in Ljubljana.

Špik believes the competition in the double sculls will be fiercer than ever before. "The differences are tiny and every bit counts...But nevertheless, we're aiming for the top spots and hope others will make mistakes."

Čop shares the feeling. "There will be only 13 boats, but there are ten candidates for the finals and all finalists will fight for medals...Details will decide the race."

Despite the fierce competition, both have reason for optimism. Despite turning 40, Čop says he is in top form. Moreover, age can make a difference. "I hope we'll be able to leverage our coordination and experience and squeeze out more than our competitors."


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