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Kraški Zašink Gets EU Protected Designation of Origin Label


Kraški zašink, which was registered in the Official Journal of the European Union today, is made from neck of pork. During its production, only the traditional dry manual salting procedure is used. It has a characteristic cylindrical shape and a natural casing which is covered by elastic netting.

Meanwhile, the Tolminc cheese, extra virgin olive oil from the Slovenian Istra region, the Nanos cheese, forest honey from the Kočevje region, belokranjska pogača, a type of bread typical of the SE region of Bela krajina, idrijski žlikrofi dumplings from the Idria region, kraški pršut prosciutto and prekmurska gibanica layered sweet pastry from Prekmurje, boast other EU protection designations.


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