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Retired Archbishop Ordered to Leave over Paternity Allegations


Andrej Saje also confirmed that Uran was to relocate to Trieste, labelling the move as a preventative measure that will be in place until the issue is resolved.

"It is about the issue of alleged fatherhood, which Archbishop Uran has rejected. I believe that there is a misunderstanding in the communication between him and the Holy See, and once the issue is clarified, he will probably be able to return to Slovenia."

The public relations representative also rejected allegations that the reasons for the move were financial and economic.

Saje appeared at the late night news broadcast after days of speculation about the reason behind the order that made headlines on Monday but was issued earlier this year.

The media pointed to the financial breakdown of the Maribor Archdiocese as the likely reason for Uran's relocation.

Saje moreover reiterated that Uran retired in 2010 due to health issues but "simultaneously rumours spread about his alleged fatherhood - which he denied - but they continued spreading."


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