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Cancer patients say Covid infections influx causing delays in treatment


Ljubljana - The umbrella organisation representing cancer patients in Slovenia, Onko Net, expressed grave concern in the face of fast growing coronavirus infections in the country, which has already started causing delays in cancer treatments at some hospitals. They urge those in charge to take action.

The delays are reducing the chances of treatment and survival of cancer patients, the organisation said on Friday, calling on Health Minister Danijel Bešič Loredan and Mario Fafangel, the head of the National Institute of Public Health (NIJZ) communicable diseases centre, to take appropriate action.

Onko Net expects Bešič Loredan and Fafangel to issue as soon as possible recommendations about infection control in cancer patients and other vulnerable groups.

The rising trend in infections is life threatening to cancer patients and causes great distress, Onko Net said in a press release.

In the face of rising infections, many cancer patients have been informed that their treatment is being postponed. But any delay in treatment may lead to a poorer outcome for the patient, the organisation warned, underlining that this cannot be allowed to happen.

The strategy of living without any restrictions, such as obligatory masks in closed spaces, is friendly, Onko Net said, but questioned its effectiveness, appealing to experts to reassess the situation.

They believe that the Slovenian society is not mature enough to leave the epidemic control strategy up to individuals.


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